Difference between Argumentative and Persuasive

It is basic human nature to think that a person is right and that too in all matters. Most people are unable to accept or even consider opposing views unless they are flexible by nature or have been provided with reasoning that is simply too much to strike down without giving it a thought.

One often sees that discussions on any topic can take the shape of an argument and sometimes things can get out of hand. The end result generally is harsh words being exchanged or heated discussions where no one is listening to each other.

When such a course is taken in the form of writing, there are two types that may be generated. One is argumentative and the other is persuasive. There are some similarities along with differences between the two and they both go about the same destination by taking different paths.

Argumentative writing not only tries to convince the other person about the object they defend as right but also provide evidence for it and also provide counter evidence to what has been said against that given object. Persuasive writing mainly deals with the main features of the given object and its usefulness providing some information but nothing against the opposing numbers.


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    The purpose of such writing is to convince the reader about a certain point of view that the writer may be maintaining on the given subject. It will provide the important points about the given object.

    There will be evidence that will back the claims that are made in the writing and there will also be evidence that will refute the claims made by opponents. The writer will often stress on the given point and the language that is used is most likely going to be quite strong.

    It is important that thorough homework is done and there is enough information not just to provide your own point of view but also to counter the other opinions.

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    This style of writing tries to convince the reader about a given object or situation through providing related details as well as use of good language. The style of writing is not aggressive and it does not focus on what others have to say. The focus is rather on providing crucial information about the given subject which is deemed to be important.

    The ideas must be laid down before the writing starts and only pertinent points that can leave an impact should be included. Brain storming and free writing techniques can be good to find points for the purpose of picking these points.

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