Difference between EDD and PHD

PHD and EDD are two types of higher education degrees mainly related to research. PhD which stands for Doctor of Philosophy and EdD stands for Doctor of Education. You can do a PhD in different fields while whenever you do some PhD level research, you will be awarded an EdD degree. The word Doctor in both degrees refers to wisdom. PhD and EdD have their own benefits. PhD can be attained in any field including science or arts. However, if you complete thorough research in the field or education, you will be awarded EdD degree. Usually students start researching after their post graduation.


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    Doctor of Philosophy is an educational degree that is basically awarded after extensive research in any particular field. The word philosophy in this degree refers to wisdom. Even in PhD and EdD, the word doctor refers to knowledge and tries to explain the very idea that someone has attained highest educational degree in her or his particular field. PhD can be attained in different fields including science or arts, science or even liberal arts. A student usually thinks for doing PhD after completing his or her post graduation studies. You first have to choose a particular subject in which you want to establish long and lengthy research. During that process, it is recommended that the students must remain on campus under the supervision of experienced professors. Though there are no specific criteria about the timing as how much time it can take a student to complete his or her research but the universal law for PhD level research is that it should be worthy enough to be published in a journal. Even before publishing, students need to satisfy a panel that is comprised of experts in their respective fields.

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    Doctor of Education is also doctoral level degree but this is given to students who extensively contribute in the field of education. Unlike, PhD, this degree is only awarded to those who choose to research in any particular educational field. Many experts in the field of education say that this degree is profoundly encouraging for the students who want to make a career in academics. Doctor of education is a very common degree in North America and other Western countries.

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