What Is Vegetable Glycerin Used For

Vegetable glycerin is made up of the break-down of fatty acids present in plant oils like coconut and palm. Glycerin is a colorless clear liquid with no smell and tastes sweet. Its use is so extensive that each one of us is bound to come into contact with it in some form each day.  Since it is water and alcohol soluble, it acts as the base in many solutions. Vegetable glycerin is abundantly used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry for to its numerous benefits.   It is a natural product and can be used safely for different purposes.


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    With its sweet taste, glycerin can be used to make dishes richer and smoother. It is also a natural preservative and increases the storage life of prepared food items. It also acts as an emulsifier for fat products. Glycerin can also be applied to cake pans as grease for the easy removal of cake once baked.

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    The greatest use of glycerin perhaps lies in the cosmetics industry. It is greatly used in moisturizing creams because of its natural moisturizing properties. It makes a great base for cleansing oil because of its softening abilities. It also mixes well with alcohol and so can be used with alcohol based products. Glycerin is also used in our shampoos and conditioners because it makes the products richer and thicker. It has moisture retention properties which are best utilized in a soap. Research also shows that applying glycerin to skin helps heal wounds quicker. Herbal  facial treatments can be prepared using glycerin in a combination with honey, rosewater and almond oil. Home made hair conditioner can also be prepared by mixing glycerin with aloe vera extract. Your hair will be moisturized and any damage will also be repaired. You can prepare your own toothpaste by combining glycerin with baking soda, salt and peppermint essential oil. Many stores also sell purely natural and herbal products with glycerin as the base. Several online stores have also opened up offering herbal products.

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    Due to its base properties, glycerin is an important component of several gels and creams. It is included in several ear washes  because of water solubility. It is also included in toothpastes and other dental gels because of its smooth texture. Several creams and contraceptive gels use glycerin as the base for manufacturing.

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