What is the Difference Between the Hutus & Tutsis

The ethnic history of Rwanda is very old and not to mention complicated. Hutus and Tutsis are two different ethnic clans of the regions with several differences that are deeply rooted. They were once ruled by monarchs and the reflection of that time can still be seen on their behaviour.

Hutus are usually shy people and are kind of timid in nature whereas Tutsis are pretty well groomed and are comparatively tougher people. Hutus are more aware of the political structures and are involved in such activities while Tutsis are more into military stuff and are of rebellious nature.


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    Hutus are wealthier class of people and they live accordingly. They like to live leisure life and in past, a lot of Hutus converted because of missionaries, who successfully converted them to Catholicism. Since they are wealthier and love to life their life in such way, they are known to be more shy and timid. Unlike Tutsis, Hutus are more into politics rather than military. They are more focused on maintain political structure and they do not focus much on the military matters. When we talk about Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, they were the ones in majority. Hutus have came from shorter decent and their physical featured are more local the Tutsis. Even their skulls’ shape is different than Tutsis.

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    Tutsis are more known as the thriving aristocracy in Rwanda. They are different from Hutus in many ways and if we talk about their occupation, they are famous for being the Cattle Herders of the region. As mentioned above, Hutus converted to Catholicism in large numbers with ease. However, this was not the case with Tutsis. Missionaries found it very tough to convert Tutsis to Catholicism and very few Tutsis converted that time. They were known for more out-going as compared to shy and timid Hutus. They were more turned-out and were outspoken and not shy. While Hutus were more into politics, Tutsis did not care much about political structure. They were more military minded and were into military strategies and wars. When German got there, they found Tutsis to be the superior ones and that was the main reason why they tried to get them in the government over Hutus. Germans tried to educate them in order to get them to the next level despite the fact that they were in minority in Rwanda. They were lighter skinned and had long noses.

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