Difference between Fabric and Fibre

Clothing is one of the basic human needs and it is one of the largest industries in the world. With over six billion people residing on the planet, there is no shortage of demand and factories are working day and night to meet the requirements.

The textile industry is not only related with clothing but it also provides for the composites industry and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of merchandise is manufactured in this regard as well.

When one talks about the textile industry, terms such as fibre and fabric instantly come to mind. People related with the industry are often seen using them as well. These two are similar in nature but also have their differences.

The main difference between the two is that fabric is a finished product that has taken the shape of a garment and clothes can be made out of it. On the other hand, fibre is the building unit which is made from various materials as it is a string or rope like material that is woven together to make the fabric.


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    Fabric is a woven material that is made from a network or artificial mesh of natural fibers. It can be made using different techniques including weaving, knitting, knotting, pressing fibres together or crocheting.

    Often the basic material from which the fabrics are made can be cotton, wool and flax. All of these fabrics have their own qualities and are used for different purposes in clothing.

    Fabric is not only used for clothing but there is a massive market of composite goods as well which is known as technical textile.

    China is the greatest exporter of fabrics and fabric products in the world as a country with over $65 billion export. EU exports over $80 billion per year and has the largest share.

    - Image Courtesy:  en.wikipedia.org

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    Fibre is the basic building material on which textile and paper rely upon. It is in the shape of strands or strings which are put together for the purpose to make sheets.

    There are many kinds of natural and synthetic fibre. Natural fibre takes more time to make whereas synthetic fibre is easier to produce when it comes to large scale commercial manufacturing.

    The fibres are used in the clothing industry as well as composite industries and also in the telecommunication industry.

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