Difference between Fajitas and Burritos

Food from different areas of the world can be amazing. It provides people with an opportunity to try something new or different and enjoy tastes that they have not come across before. Hispanic food is one of the tastiest, richest and popular foods around.

The use of tortilla is an essential part of Hispanic food. Although tortilla or similar bread is used in various parts of the world, it has gained a lot of fame with the help of those yummy fajitas and burritos. Both are hard to resist and some have common and different traits.

The first and foremost difference is the size of the two. The tortilla used in a fajita is smaller and therefore it is generally served in pairs for this purpose. The tortilla used in the burrito is larger and is generally 8-10 inches. Thus, a single burrito is served to a person as it is enough to fill you up.

The filling on the two is different as well. A fajita is generally based on strips of grilled meat, sometimes shrimp or steak as well. Onion strips and grilled peppers make the rest of the fajita which is wrapped in the tortilla. The filling in a burrito is shredded meat or diced vegetables. Rice and beans may also be used in a burrito as a whole vegetable version is also available.

The finishing of the two is also quite different. Once all the ingredients are assembled in the tortilla, a burrito is wrapped and is ready to be served. However, when the fajita is wrapped with all the ingredients inside, it is then baked or grilled as per the preference of those who will consume it.


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    It is a traditional snack in Hispanic countries. It contains different kinds of meat, some grilled vegetables and is wrapped inside a tortilla. It is served with a number of sauces for dipping to make it even more fun and tasty. The size is generally around six inches.

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    It is a traditional Hispanic dish which has shredded meat and vegetables in it. Rice and beans are generally added. To make it even more irresistible, Chipotle sauce can be added. Vegetable burritos are sometimes just as tasty as their counterparts that are made with the use of meat.

    The burrito is cylindrical in shape and can easily replace a meal.

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