Difference between Frying and Grilling

There are so many different ways in which food can be cooked. Some of them are universal in nature while others may be used in some places and not in others. Generally the local styles have some variations that add even more flavour to the food.

Frying and grilling are two of the more common ways in which food is prepared. Both bring a lot of taste to the food and have their own style of preparation as well as requirements.

When it comes to cooking, the frying needs a lot of oil which needs to boil under a constant source of heat. Generally a stove is used for the purpose of boiling the oil for frying. On the other hand, grilling does not need any oil to be used in the process and very little may be used to slightly moist the grilled product. Grilling is mostly done on charcoal so all you need is well lit charcoal pieces that can provide heat.

When you are frying something, you do not need to marinate it and can place the meat or the vegetables directly in the oil. On the other hand, in grilling, there is a great need of marinating if one wants the meat to be thoroughly cooked. If it is not marinated for a fair amount of time, meat will also remain very dry.

Both can bad for health if consumed in excess. Fried products are rich in oil and therefore, can cause heart related illnesses. The grilled products sometimes are under or over cooked and therefore, can lead to cancer in certain cases.


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    It can be done by putting the meat or vegetables directly into frying oil or by adding some kind of better to it. The food tastes great but is very rich in fats and should only be consumed in moderation.

    There is no need to prepare the food for long time and the whole process can be done in a hurry.

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    You will need to marinate meat though in case of vegetables, there is no such need. Depending on the kind of meat, the marinating process will take variable time.

    The grilling can be done in the natural way by using charcoal or otherwise using wood or even a gas grill. The best taste comes with charcoal though. It is important that grilled products are not overly smoked as they can burn in this case and many carcinogenic are produced.

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