Difference between Ghost and Poltergeist

The basic difference between a ghost and a poltergeist is that a ghost is a haunting presence, while a poltergeist is known as more of a disturbance. While a ghost can at times make a physical appearance, a poltergeist mainly makes its presence felt by moving objects. This leads to another major difference between the two – a ghost can be seen, while a poltergeist can almost never be viewed.

Ghosts are generally considered to be the spirits of dead people, while a poltergeist is considered to be the negative energy leftover at a location where a gruesome death took place. Ghosts haunt locations like the place where they died,  the house where they used to live, or places they used to visit frequently when alive. On the other hand, poltergeists are associated with certain objects. Ghosts are not particularly aggressive, while poltergeists, in comparison, are deliberately violent.

A poltergeist is extremely dangerous and capable of inflicting both physical and mental harm to the living; however, ghosts are not considered violent, although their physical appearance can scare us.

It is generally considered easier to  banish a ghost from a particular location, as compared to a poltergeist. The living are naturally powerless against these entities; however, with the help of religious personnel and religious ceremonies, humans are capable of overpowering these beings and making them quit the place they were occupying.


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    A ghost is considered the soul of a dead individual which refuses to leave our world and move on. Ghosts usually have something in this world to hold on to, for instance, the houses where they were living as human beings, or the places they loved visiting when they were alive. The people they were in love with can also force ghosts to linger on in this world. While ghosts haunt certain places, they are usually harmless. One needs the services of religious people who are capable of performing religious ceremonies in order to cleanse places that are haunted, and make ghosts leave our world.

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    Poltergeists are aggressive and very difficult to control; they are capable of harming people and make their presence felt by moving objects. They can further use these objects to hurt people very easily. In case you find yourself in a place which is occupied by a poltergeist, it is recommended that you leave the area and never visit it again if you value your life and health. Humans are rarely allowed to live in peace in areas that are occupied by this entity.

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