Difference between Jade and Jadeite

Jade and Jadeite are two types of minerals used in various kinds of jewelry. The term Jade basically describes the two different gemstones of jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is also a gemstone but it is quite soft as compared to nephrite. Using the term Jade is more generic than Jadeite as it covers the entire classification of this particular mineral. Both Jade and Jadeite gemstones are rich in sodium which makes finished ornaments more beautiful. Jade and Jadeite are found under the surface of the Earth which are high quality gems that are considered very expensive in many parts of the world.


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    Jade is meant for two different gemstones nephrite and jadeite. It is an ornamental stone and usually obtained from metamorphic rocks. Rich in sodium, Jade comes in different colours. The most commonly used jade is green emerald. It looks very beautiful and the classy with different shapes. Sometimes people are unable to distinguish between jade and jadeite as often they are confused by materials that can be superficially called jade. From a historic point of view, many people also call different gems jade and jadeite that looks more similar to nephrite. However, in reality they are not jade. Nowadays, Indian, Mexican, Chinese and Korean Jade are very popular. There is slight difference as well in different Jades from Korea and China. Serpentine is found more in Korean Jade while Indian Jade has Aventurine. Different materials, for example soapstone and calcite, resemble true jade.

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    Jadeite is also a gemstone but it is basically a pyroxene mineral. Its chemical composition is NaAlSi2O6. Aluminous pyroxene which is dense and also rich in sodium can be related to some other types of pyroxene minerals such as augite and diopside, aegirine and kosmochlor. This material alone is very expensive and that is why Jadeite jewelry is considered expensive. Jadeite comes in various colours from green to red and blue to turquoise. These variations in colour are what make Jadeite very beautiful. Gemstone experts state that Jadeite has a hardness between 6.5 and 7 on Mohs scale.

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