Difference between Kettle and Teapot

Both kettle and teapot are different type of pots which primarily differ in terms of the function served by each. A kettle is used in order to boil water which is then poured into powdered milk to make tea. Cured leaves of the tea plant can also be added to boiling water in the kettle if using a teabag is not possible for some reason. Typically, kettles are made of metal and are fitted with a lid in order to prevent steam from escaping the kettle. On the other hand, a teapot is used to serve tea. It is the teapot which contains powdered or liquid milk. Typically, teapots are made from ceramic. It is important to retain heat for a certain period of time after tea has been prepared. This is the reason why ceramic is used to make teapots.

Another differentiating factor between a kettle and a teapot is the form in which each is manufactured. Tea kettles are manufactured in two different forms. Traditional kettles come with an S-shaped pouring spout fitted at the side of a circular, lidded pan. A handle arches over the top of the pot. In recent times, kettles have assumed a taller shape whereas the handle is stay-cool which makes it easy to hold the kettle. On the other hand, teapots are highly decorated and are often manufactured in the shape of animals, fruits, cottages, vehicles or famous people.

Last, but not the least, there is a price difference between kettles and teapots. Kettles are generally less expensive as compared to teapots. This is mainly because kettles are made of metal whereas teapots are made of ceramic. Furthermore, kettles are simple while teapots are decorative.


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    Kettle is a type of pot used for bringing water filled in it to a boil. A direct heat source such as a stove can be used to make the water boil. Some kettles also come with an internal electric heating system. These kettles are also called electric kettles and transform electric energy into heat energy which is then used to boil water inside the kettle.

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    Teapot is a vessel made of ceramic used to prepare tea or other herbal mixtures. Boiling water from a kettle is poured into a teapot. Some teapots are fitted with a built-in strainer which makes it easy to strain tealeaf in the boiling water.

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