Difference between Kung Fu and Taekwondo

Traditional elements of most ancient Eastern cultures are diverse. Possession was very important back in the middle Ages. Over time, this need is almost gone. However, Kung-fu and Taekwondo have become quite popular in recent years and millions of people around the world are interested in learning this art. Martial Arts belong to the East – in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China respectively.

Kung-Fu and Taekwondo both involve the development of abilities that allow survival in an emergency. Usually the training program includes a set of methods to effectively address multiple enemies. Mixed Martial Arts contains both Kung-fu and Taekwondo and are intended for self-defence. The prime example of self defence techniques follows Judo, Aikido, Karate and Taekwondo.


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    In recent years martial art has become increasingly popular. This amazing art can be learned by specific teachers around the world and by reading numerous books, manuals and video tutorials.

    Taekwondo is another type of the martial art, which has been included in the Summer Olympic Games back in 2000. Its name translated from Korean means "the way of punches and kicks." The founder of the sport is General Choi Hong Hi.

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    Kung Fu

    Kung-fu, which has been regarded as a doctrine of spiritual and physical power of man, was developed about a 1000 years ago. Teaching methods, techniques and methods of struggle have changed and improved during this time, which led to hundreds of styles of kung fu and its offshoots. The main feature of Kung Fu is the versatility of his character, as well as a close relationship with the physical perfection of spiritual knowledge, which is paid for no less time than on the development of speed and power.

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    You can use up to 18 different weapons such as Sword, shield, chains etc. in Kung-fu. However, Taekwondo prohibits the use of any weapon. The fighters are strictly now allowed to use any weapon and are told to use their body movement to offset the enemy regardless of how much they are in front of you. Though Kung-fu has some techniques that involve the use of kicks, Taekwondo is considered as the hub of kick boxing.

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