Difference between Landscape Architect and Designer

A beautiful house always leaves a fresh feeling. Some people construct their homes keeping in mind various aesthetics. Along with some marvels in architecture, a lot can be done to the surroundings if you have a fair amount of land.

You can get your landscaping properly designed to make it look better. The same is often done with large buildings that have extra space available around them. You can use either a landscape architect or designer to help build or improve your outdoor surroundings. Both work in the same field and have similar duties to discharge but there are clearly marked differences between them.

A landscape architect is someone who holds a degree in the field from an accredited school in order to obtain a license for the job. A landscape designer does not need a degrees or any specific qualifications even though there are some courses available in the field, they do not hold any particular importance legally.

Three years worth of experience is usually required for a landscape architect to obtain a license. On the other hand, there is no need to gain any such experience for a landscape designer.

A landscape architect can design public parks as well as other large projects as he or she is legally responsible for all aspects including the safety of the public. A landscape designer is not responsible for the safety of the public and therefore is only allowed to do smaller projects such as landscaping of individual homes.


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    Landscape Architect

    A landscape architect is an educated and trained professional that performs all tasks related to landscaping the outdoors for any kind of project. Most landscape architects work with a fairly good sized team that handle different aspects of the overall design. It is a very creative job as they must analyse various options before coming out with a pertinent plan. It is also the job of the architect to design landscaping that observes all the rules and regulations of public safety.

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    Landscape Designer

    A landscape designer is someone who designs landscapes but does not possess the license for large projects and in most cases is not a trained professional. Since the job has a lot to do with creativity, people who have a sense for landscaping are usually quite successful in this field. The main focus of the designer is to add beauty to the landscape according to the needs of their particular clients.

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