Difference between Military Press and Overhead Press

Going to the gym and working out is essential for everyone, since the way things are going, you need to do your best to stay fit and in shape. Not everyone can manage to do this on their own, which is why they opt to go on and join the gym.

The gym gives you access to a number of tools which you can use to get yourself in shape, and to get your body to develop the way you want it to.

Now one area of the body that tends to generally be weaker than the rest, is the shoulder area. This is because not many people look to develop their shoulders, simple because they don’t see the need to do so.

However, what these people don’t realize is just how important having strong shoulders really is.

There are two main exercises which you can perform, in order to build mass on your shoulders, and to shape them up. These two exercises are the military press and the over head press.

With both the exercises being so similar, most people tend to end up confusing the two, and mixing them up. Both of them require you to lift a barbell over your head, and both of them impact your shoulder, making it grow in size and strength. However, the main difference between the two, is the fact that the military press is done, by lifting the barbell over your back. This means that when you lift the rod, when it goes above you it will be behind your head and above your back. On the other hand, the over head press is almost identical to the military press, with the only difference being that when the rod will be at its highest point, it won’t be above your back, it will be above your chest area and in front of your head.


  • 1

    Military press

    This is done by lifting a barbell and placing it high above your back from a sitting position. It helps develop your shoulders.

    Image Courtesy: musclemag.com

  • 2

    Over head press

    It is very similar to the military press, with the only difference between the two being the fact that in this routine, you lift the rod above your chest while sitting down, as opposed to it going over your back.

    Image Courtesy: train.elitefts.com

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