Difference Between Tai Chi and Qigong

Traditional Chinese medicine contains of a lot of systems that were made over the large landscape of China over thousands of years. Qigong is a Mandarin Chinese word that means detailing training systems that concentrate on physical and mental health, martial arts and athletics, sports and understanding higher realms of life. Whereas Tai Chi is a particular kind of martial arts with a different history that can be performed as part of the whole Qigong system. On the other hand, Qigong is an ancient practice which means improving your vital energy. This is done by a number of exercises, movements, self massage, breathing drills and meditation.

Tai Chi is the very famous practice of Qigong. However, it is practiced with movement. Practices such as yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong are a kind of meditation which lets the system get in line with your energy. These are performed with moving exercises. It is important to note that the major difference is the way in which the exercises are practiced along with the way the energy is spread in your body. Another difference between the two is the concept of performing with a friend or making hand contact to release more energy. People who do Tai Chi normally perform in groups but Qigong is practiced by self massage or reflexology.


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    Tai Chi

    This art is performed in a very particular form. You should learn a number of exercises and body movements which will take around 45 minutes to practice, and after that you will need a year to master and perfect the art. The performer is supposed to concentrate his energy on a level of his system. He can express the force of his energy or use that force into a particular kind of his body. Make sure you know that Tai Chi is largely focused on alignment and movement when you are doing the exercises.

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    Qigong is practiced with easy exercises which can be learnt really quickly. However, you will need to practice several times. Be aware of the fact that a few exercises are from Tai Chi movements which are known as Tai Chi Qigong. In Qigong rules are not that hard. Aspirants are suggested to do several exercises time and time again. It helps a person maintain a good balance of energies to acquire the perfect stability and it also tackles the energy blockages present in your system.

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