Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for parents to show their love and care towards their kids. Even the teachers can take advantage of such occasion of joy and happiness to show their concern towards their students. However, the question is that how do you do that and stand out from the rest? Giving them the cards made up of the typical construction paper or putting chocolates and candies in glittery bags tied with bows is not a unique idea any more. If you really want to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for your kids, plan a few interesting games to engage them in healthy activities. Do not forget to give them some gifts against each game in order to boost their excitement and energy.


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    Active Games

    Active games are fun and easily adaptable for kids. These games require ample space therefore make sure you have enough space if you are arranging an indoor party. You can arrange cupid’s challenge in which the scavenger searches for the items the cupid has lost.  Take a paper and cut it into heart shapes. Write some hints on the heart-shaped papers and hand out gifts against the each item found.

    Cupids surprise is another best possible option, which is played with music. Wrap small gifts or candies for each kid in colourful papers and place them in a finely decorated box. Now wrap the box in a series of boxes, each larger than the previous one. Ask your guests kids to sit in a circle. Play the music and start passing the box with the music. Once the music stops, the guest with the box in his or her hand will open the outermost box. This process will go on until the final box is opened. Now distribute the prices inside the box.

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    Group games

    Relay races are good examples of group games, suitable for both kids and adults. You can organize these games according to Valentine’s Day theme. You can arrange some of the relay games in side your home and some can be played without using any probs. Therefore, relay games are quiet easy to entertain huge number of kids.

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    Individual Games

    Arrange some individual games in order to make the Valentine’s Day a stimulating enough for your kids. You can ask your kids to stack small conversation hearts to find out who can built the tallest tower in short period of time. They can play Pin the Arrow on the Heart or pass the parcel. You can also decorate different areas of the site reserved for party and ask your guests to find as many hearts as they can in a short amount of time.

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