Hotel Management Schools in Dubai

Dubai the home of the worlds numerous five star hotels, is known for its hospitality industry. It caters to tourists from all over the world who are drawn to it by the many attractions that this metropolitan city offers. In a city like this, management schools with a concentration on hotel management were a must.

Where else in the world can you practice hotel management in its true form than Dubai which has the largest concentration of five star hotels worldwide.  Our step by step guide introduces you to Dubai’s best Hotel management schools so that you make a good choice and give good advice to others around you.


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    The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management:

    Run by the Al Jumeirah group which is a well known international luxury hotel chain, the academy is a premier institute to go for. It has a strong repute in the industry and is accredited by the UAE's ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research. It offers BSc and MSc courses in international hospitality management.

    Being  part of Jumeirah group and partnerships with other leading hotels means that the graduates of the institute have a firm standing in the job market. It also has a study abroad program where it partners with leading hotels around the world and arranges internships for its students there so that they have global exposure and can deal with multiple cultures.

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    Development Institute for Science and Computer:

    Another accredited institute that offers a 2 year diploma course in Hotel management and tourism. It has strong focus on cultural interaction in tourism apart from management skills. It works on the interpersonal skills of its students so that they can be excellent ambassadors of their culture. However a two year diploma does not qualify as a proper  degree program in hotel management.

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    The Swiss Hotel Management School:

    This renowned hospitality management school has a Dubai office and provides hotel management courses. The brand name of the school is good enough to get its students employment in the top tier hotels anywhere in the world.

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