How to a Make Coat Hanger Christmas Tree

Christmas is never complete unless you decorate your house. Christmas tree is the most eminent feature of this festivity and nothing can be compared to a well-lit Christmas tree topiary, decorated with colourful accessories and placed nearby a fireplace mantle. They might seem perfect for your house but well-decorated Christmas trees are really expensive. Instead of paying through your nose to buy such item for Christmas, you can use your creative skills to make an elegant Christmas tree by yourself. A miniature model of Christmas tree topiary can be made out of household spare items, such as recycled wire coat hangers. This can be a really innovative way to celebrate your Christmas without spending too much bucks on decorative items.

Things Required:

– Recycled wire coat hangers
– Twist ties or yarn
– Small strand of Christmas lights
– 2 to 3 Christmas garlands


  • 1

    First of all, you need to divide the hangers into three groups of two each. Take the twist ties and tie up one of the corners together from each group of hangers. Make sure the hooks are in the middle when you tie up the corners. After you have tied the hangers, you should get a tripod with the hooks hanging down in the middle.

  • 2

    Now when you spread out all the six hangers, they should extend outwards like a fan, forming the frame of a tree. The hooks of the hangers should be sticking outwards at the bottom end of the frame. You have to fasten each hook to the wire hanger besides it and this will make a stable frame for your tree.

  • 3

    You better place the wires for lighting on the tree at this point. Dangle down the plug of the lights in the middle of your miniature tree and fasten it to the base of the tree. You can use a twist tie for affixing the plug.

  • 4

    Now start wrapping lights around every wire hanger. You can use a yarn for fastening the strands to the hanger. Make sure to cover up the entire surface of wire hangers.

  • 5

    Begin enfolding the garland around the tree, starting from the top and dangling it downwards to the middle of the tree. Make sure to expose any lighting that hides behind the garland.

  • 6

    You can use any other decorative items available at your home to make your tree topiary look even elegant.

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