How to Apply for Child Support

Being a single parent is sometimes an agony, especially when it comes to applying for child support. The process is even more difficult for a single mother, as she has to help the authority establish where is the child’s father and why the child needs the support.

The process can be a different in each country where social security system is strong enough to protect children in case of single parenting. Many countries in fact do not allow single parenting system, but where it is, the support system for children is always there.

You better check out first how social authorities treat a child with single parent or without parents, and how much support protection they offer. Also, be aware of the entire process. It is not actual child support fund or money that is a point to worry, but the process to establish some facts that are required by authorities in almost all countries is pretty hectic.


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    Making of Application as Single Parent

    At the time of an application for seeking a child support, the first question authorities are going to ask you is where is other parent i.e. father of the child. You should be able to provide some information to the authorities to establish that the other parent is not in regular contact of the child or support at all the child. If you avoid giving any information, there is possibility that the authorities ask you to wait for further information to get the application processed. So it is better to give all the information you have as a single mother about whereabouts of father of the child, if you know anything at all.

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    Application Fee

    It is possible that social authorities in your country charge a minimal fee on the processing of the application. So be prepared to pay for it. Without paying the authorities can have certain excuses to delay the processing of your application or may be refuse to entertain it all. This delays the purpose of getting timely support for the child.

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    Processing Time and Wait for Support

    Since it is a matter of supporting your child, the authorities will take some time to make the case legal. The social worker who is normally assigned to work with the clients will likely ask you a few questions for establishing where the other parent of the child is. Then they might apply for the legal right to support the child and having been through to some other such steps, receiving actual help for your child is the last step.

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    Parent Visitation

    Having a right to visit the child is a different matter altogether. This involves the law to decide if a parent can visit their child or not. However, getting support for a child does open doors for visitation by other parents. The first act of social authorities is to establish where is the other parent of the child, and if they are able to locate them, they are going to let the visits take place so that the matter of parenting conflict is resolved and the child gets in the parents' care.

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