How to Apply Powder Makeup Properly

It will not be wrong to say that face powder is one of the most commonly used makeup accessories in the world. The face powder is designed specifically to improve your skin appearance by using preservatives and other chemical ingredients to not only enhance but to highlight. When applied properly, this cosmetic can help set up your makeup and also protect your skin against harsh sun light. Luckily, there are some instructions that you can follow to ensure the powder makeup is applied properly. Face powder typically comes in two types; the loose powder and pressed powder.


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    You do not have to be an expert to successfully apply the powder makeup foundation. Makeup foundation, also known as powder makeup foundation, must be applied using a foundation brush for best results. If you do not have a foundation brush, consider buying one from your local supermarket or cosmetics store.

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    It is recommended to remove the excess foundation from the brush to ensure the makeup foundation is not too thick.  Moving the brush on your face in circular motion and at a downward angle is the best way of applying the foundation makeup.

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    Research has shown that the foundation powder below the cheek bones, under the centre of your eyes and over the hairline should be one shade darker than the rest of your face. To achieve a more natural look, it is advised to follow the contours of the cheekbones. Use of artificial blush effect should be avoided at all times. For those who have a wide nose, they can reduce their nose size by applying darker foundation to the bridge of the nose. Do not forget to blend the edges thoroughly as this will enhance your natural look even more. Apply normal skin shade foundation on the outer edges of your nose.

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    For avoiding stark makeup lines and spots, it is best to apply the powder on your ears and neck. Pay attention to details. It is extremely important to make sure the amount of foundation powder you are applying is correct. If you end up applying too much powder on your face, neck, ear and nose, it will resemble a mask.

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    You can also dust the powder across the face. Take your time when applying powder on your face to ensure all areas including lips, eyes and edges of nose are covered.

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