How to Ask a Guy to a School Dance

You are eyeing for someone to be your date for a school dance but you are unable to find the partner despite a lot of efforts, here you can find a method to find your date and approach him in a desired manner that will lure him to be with you during the school dance. It is an embarrassment for a girl to ask a guy and then get rejected because trillion things can run in her mind especially the first thing that hurts the most as well is the inferiority complex about the looks and figures which is the usual reason for the rejection.


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    Shortlist the guys that you want to be your date on the school dance. You need to choose each and every one of the guy very carefully because not all guys can be approached by a random girl for a random date so make sure that you somehow know the guy a little which will assist you in talking. You should at least have three guys in mind.

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    Delete those guys from the list that already have a date for dance school. You can’t be a partnership breaker so don’t act like a retard and try to get a guy who is already with someone else.

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    Prioritize the guys according to your will and then determine the method to contact the first one. You can either send them a message on facebook or get their cell phone number from a friend and text those with your name and any other information that will help them recognize you.

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    Start the message by greeting the guy. Calling a guy for the first time might be inappropriate so you should better text them or inbox them on message. The “seen” feature of inbox messages will help you know if the guy has already read your message or not. If he doesn’t reply back, it means he isn’t interested.

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    If he starts to chat, bring the topic of school dance and ask him if he has got any potential candidates who he would like to partner. If he has none, carry on and ask him if he is interested in partnering with you.

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    Keep your calm. Whatever the guy replies shouldn’t change your mood. Just stay composed. If it’s a yes, then discuss the practice sessions etc and if it’s a no then graciously tell him that you don’t feel bad at all.

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