How to Attach My CCTV Dvr to My Computer

You need to attach the CCTV DVR to a peripheral device in order to monitor the CCTV cameras sending transmission to the DVR. A computer is one the best possible devices to which you can attach the CCTV DVR. Luckily, the task is very simple and should not take long. You will just need to run a few wires and perhaps make a few connections. Here is what you will need to attach a CCTV DVR to your computer.

Things Required:

– VGA Cable
– Audio cable with red and white plugs
– Y adapter


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    The first thing you need to do is to establish a connection between the DVR and the computer. This can be accomplished by attaching one end of a Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable at the back of the DVR where the second end needs to be attached to the computer. This will transmit video feeds to the computer. Make sure that the DVR is turned off.

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    Now it comes to taking care of the audio feed. At the back of the DVR, look for ‘Audio Out’ jacks. Insert the white plug of an audio cable into the left audio out jack. Similarly, insert the red plug into the right audio out jack. If the DVR that you are trying to connect to a computer is quite old and only has mono output, just plug the white plug.

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    There will be white and red plugs on other end of the audio cable as well. Connect those plugs into a Y adapter. If you do not have a Y adapter at your disposal, you can purchase one from a local computer store.

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    The will be a ‘Line In’ jack at the back of your computer. Insert the Y adapter in that jack. After you are done, you have successfully attached your CCTV DVR to a computer. You can continue enjoying the features of a CCTV attached to your computer.

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    To make sure that you have done things right, simply check if you can monitor the cameras using CCTV surveillance software installed on your computer or not.

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