How to Avoid Computer Problems

Internet has become an integral part of human life; some use it for fun while other surf for productive work.

Almost every user of a personal computer or a laptop encounters different problems in the computer system that may occur due to various reasons. It is necessary to identify the main problems and the ways to solve them, all by yourself.


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    Internet is full of viruses, Trojans, worms and banner advertising. Once the malware gets into your computer, it starts to create problems and the system starts functioning improperly, gives error and sometimes freezes the entire window of any given program. Therefore, it is necessary to install an antivirus for the security of your computer. An antivirus program scans your computer for malicious software and tries to eliminate the errors, virus and bugs etc.

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    If you use Internet or a local area network, you cannot ensure system safety without a firewall. This program is designed to block the invasion of your computer by remote access.

    Modern fraudsters use Trojans and remote access software for the purpose of obtaining confidential data on your computer, or even control it, so you must have a protective firewall. You can find a huge amount of software in the market which perform these functions. The most popular brand is Outpost Firewall.

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    The internal components of computer system unit must be protected from dust. This will prolong the life of the cooler and prevent damage to the internal circuit boards, such as the video card or network card.

    It is recommended to clean the system unit at least once a month. Use the ordinary vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Wipe places such as fan blades, with a cotton swab dipped in a weak alcohol solution. Wipe the computer case and plastic surfaces from inside.

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    Avoid placing the system unit under the table and in the corners of rooms. If you can, then relocate all of the items that collect dust, such as pillows and rugs, as far as possible from your computer.

    If you have enough money to protect your computer from dust, replace the standard cooling system with copper tubing. This will prevent the suction of dust into the body without compromising on cooling computer parts.

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