How to Be a Keen Cricket Follower

Over the previous decades, cricket has become one of the major sports of the world, with millions of people following the game passionately all around the globe. With the passage of time, the sport has spread to different regions, with more and more international teams coming to the fore. Whether you recently discovered the game and love it, or are looking to blend in with your friends, you can easily follow cricket today.

The sport is widely broadcasted and there are tons of websites providing live coverage and quality content on cricket.


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    Watch the games regularly

    If you want to be a keen cricket follower, you should try and watch every international game live. These days, the sport is widely televised and it is not difficult at all to witness your favourite players or teams in action.

    However, true cricket fanatics prefer visiting stadiums to watch important games. Whenever an international match is played in your city, you should try your best to buy tickets and watch the encounter live.

    If you are really into cricket and international games don't satisfy your appetite for it, there are always a multitude of domestic competitions on offer. While these may not get as much media coverage, they can be just as fun if you can visit your local stadiums to watch them.

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    Read about the game and know the rules

    In order to enhance your cricket knowledge, you must read different books and magazines about the game and keep yourself updated with the latest news. On top of that, you should consistently visit major cricket websites for information, statistics and records.

    To be a keen cricket follower, you should know the technicalities and rules of the game. These rules can be learnt from the official websites of the ICC and the MCC.

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    Favourite players

    A keen cricket follower always has some favourite players according to his or her personal preferences. Find your favourites and try to dress like them during matches. If you can, try and meet one of them when they come to your city and stay for a couple of games.

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    Have an autograph book

    You should have an autograph book on you for times when you run into one of your favourite players. True cricket followers often boast about their collection of autographs from renowned players.

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