How to Become an Amazon Associate

The Amazon affiliate programme is a fantastic way for web owners and blog writers to make extra cash. Amazon doesn’t pay as much as some other programs, but there are many advantages to using Amazon as part of your earning plans. Firstly, it’s a well known website and secondly it is reliable for internet based buying and selling.

Amazon offers a range of products to its customers and therefore it very popular among the users across the globe. Signing up to be an Amazon affiliate is simple and fast.

Things Required:

– Website or Blog
– Computer
– Access to high speed internet


  • 1

    Navigate to the Amazon webpage and find the link for Amazon Affiliate programme. Follow all the instructions to sign up for the associate programme with Amazon.

    For those who do not have Amazon account, the next step will be to sign up a for a free Amazon affiliate programme. This can be done by clicking the appropriate link and providing the requested details.

  • 2

    Enter personal details such as your full name, payment address, company address if you run and own the website, telephone number and your website information such as host service provider, bandwidth and niche market.

    As you fill in the form and click the submit button, you will be directed to another web page.

  • 3

    Enter all the information relative to your blog or website. Use hyper links and add more websites or web pages once you have filled in all the required spaces on the page. Do not rush performing this task.

    If you enter wrong or misleading information, your application for Amazon Affiliate programme is likely to be rejected. Read the terms and conditions section carefully before clicking the submit button. Submitting the application will mean that you agree to company’s contract conditions.

  • 4

    Once your application has been accepted as an Amazon representative, you are ready to start using the system. You will see a bar showing at the top of your screen every time that you are on the Amazon web page that will help you create links for different products and services for your customers.

    Choose between several text and picture link designs to make your website look more attractive.

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