How to Boost your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the value you put on yourself i.e how you determine your self-worth in every sphere of life. It has everything to do with how you see yourself which goes a long way to determining how people see you. This perception affects many things about your life in almost everything in it like your jobs, careers etc.

Self-esteem is begins to develop during the infant years where the child can have a good perception of who they are and what they can do to change to be better. If they have good strong upbringing about who they are, their adulthood will not suffer, other times, they might have good high esteem from childhood but as they grow up situations or circumstances tend to make them feel low about themselves.

As adults facing the everyday life, there are bound to be situations that will cause one’s esteem to take hit. Some people cannot bounce back when their self-esteem has taken a fall. That is what this article is about, knowing how to rise up from any set back and to teach younger ones that when they fall, they should get up quickly, this lessons can be helpful as they grow up to be adults. In the meantime let’s go further on how to develop our self-esteem;


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    Decide to gain control by choice

    One has the choice to be anything and allow anything to make them feel inferior or incompetent. If you are on the receiving end of being bullied or being victimized by one superior to you or simply by peers or anyone. You have the decision to remain a victim or respond by rising back and doing an excellent work of doing your duty or standing up and taking actions to do what you ought to do to change the situation. Whatever situation you might be, you have the power to decide whether you want to be treated the way you are being treated or gain control.

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    Benefits of gaining control

    There are benefits of getting your self-esteem back pertaining to what area of field in life you are at and the people you are surrounded with. It is important to note which area you belong to and write down all you stand to achieve if you gain control and restore your self-esteem back to you. This will motivate you to become a better person and strive to work hard towards your goal.

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    Silence the inner critic

    Everyone has the potential to do anything except they are body limitations, but even people with body limitations have found ways to defy the odds. There is that inner critic, that voice that is always ready to stop us and tell us we can’t do anything, or we are going to fail or embarrass ourselves. This is the time to stop the inner critic and listen to your own self. If you know and believe you can do anything, then you can and give your inner critic a seat.

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    Journal your abilities

    Another way to develop what you have is to know who you are and to write all the things you believe you can do and the abilities you possess and the kind of person you are. Write them down and see if you have being living any of those things you have written, if no; then it’s time to get up and act upon all the things that you have been restricting yourself.

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    Be optimistic

    People with high self-esteem are optimistic people. They always look at the glass as half full. Everything they view in life is seen in a positive light. They are not intimidated by anything or situation, they go with a pure heart, and a determined spirit, that is regardless of what they are facing, they would come out victorious. They are positive minded.

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    Try something new

    In developing your self-esteem, it is needful to try something new that will create a form of experience. It could be something you could learn from, or something that will give a whole new perspective of life and the circumstances around you, but most importantly it should help you develop a high self-esteem or increase it. Go for an adventure, hiking, travel, learn new cultures, go sky diving etc. anything that will make you feel free, powerful and being you.

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    Do not measure yourself against other people

    This should be done in your mind, as it is important to help you move forward and aim higher. It is actually an insult to compare yourself to another, as everyone has a unique ability that another individual doesn’t have. People were raised differently at different circumstance, use what you’ve got and make the best of it. You are you for a reason, and that leads to whatever you do will only project how only you can do it. Its life and human nature to compare, be envious or jealous of another or compete, but you can rise above that and be a better version of you because that’s all that matters.

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    Build a support system

    These are the people that would stick with you through thick or thin. They could be family or friends, they will encourage you when you’re down and will motivate you to be better. It is important to have people that won’t weigh you down or destroy any ideas you might have. Some people are not meant to be in your life and they require cutting down.

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    Take care of your body

    One of the things that helps one in developing or increasing their self-esteem is their grooming. One should take their outward appearance of much importance. That is, outfits, hair, smell. Looking clean and feeling clean and good about yourself on any day will help better your look and how you view yourself. A new wardrobe will also help if you can afford it to make a great difference.

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    Maintain positive habits

    Routines tend to make someone feel depressed especially if they’ve being done for too long, it can also be on the fact that some habit are done out of low self-esteem and it is important to change, as this will lead to changes in other areas. Change no matter how small can cause a huge difference in one’s life. So what is the habits that you have and that now is hindering you from developing a high self-esteem and making a difference, identify and change it, no matter how small.

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    Exercise is one of the most important components for one to achieve high self-esteem. If you are a bit n the overweight side, exercise can create a new feeling of high that will make you feel good about yourself. Lose weight if there is any to lose, and simply exercise to be fit, healthy and happy.

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    Gain more knowledge

    Read, gain wisdom, be exposed, go to seminars, conferences, Art expeditions. Whatever that is available for you to grasp to enlighten yourself, read more empowering books. Books that will motivate you and inspire you to be different and strong. Watch good movies, go out and dine with people that will make you think and talk intelligently. Do something different.

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    Everything you do should be directed at gaining your self-esteem. Read more, learn more and dream more. Do not be afraid to try new things or come out of your shell. The sun doesn’t bite.

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