How to Breakdown a Pool Table

A pool table is an important part of any game room and often signifies class and success. If you ever find yourself in the need to move the pool table in your game room to another location, you will first need to break it down. This is understandable because moving the table in a whole is nearly impossible considering the size and weight of the table. Here is what you will need to breakdown a pool table so that it can be relocated easily.

Things Required:

– Staple remover
– Socket wrench
– Flat-head screwdriver
– Power drill
– Screwdriver bit


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    Start by removing all six pocket nets. In most pool tables, the pocket nets are held in place using staples. Lay underneath the table and you should be able to locate those staples. Carefully remove all of the staples with a staple remover. Keep the nets supported with one hand while removing the staples with the other. After all of the staples have been removed, the bolts holding the pockets attached to the rail need to be removed. Use a socket wrench for this purpose. Remove the pocket nets and set them aside.

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    Now it comes to removing the pockets and the rails from the frame of the table. Lay underneath the table and located any bolts which may be holding the rails attached to the frames. Remove all the bolts that you can see and detach the rails from the frame. You may have to slide out the rails from each other if you do not find any bolts underneath the table.

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    Carefully remove the felt. The common means of keeping the felt attached to the slate are staples, glue, or both. Remove the staples with a staple remover and carefully pull back the felt in small sections. More staples may present themselves. Make sure you keep an eye out and remove the before pulling the felt further.

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    It is slate that has to be removed after the felt. The slate may be in more than one section and would be screwed to the frame by hidden bolts. Try and locate and wax or plaster covers on the slate. These are the spots where the bolts are. Simply pry out the covering with a flat head screw driver and remove the bolts using a power drill. You may need help if the slate is too big to remove it from the frame.

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    Finally, carefully remove the legs. You will have to remove the fasteners using power drill and screwdriver bit or socket wrench. Again you will need help from a friend.

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