How to Breed your own Feeder Fish

Keeping a bunch of fish at home or office is an interesting experience, but it becomes challenging at times. One has to be very careful about their food and other necessities.

On the other hand, running a large fish farm is even more demanding. It is really a profitable business, but may prove costly sometimes. If you are not giving your ‘finned friends’ any good natural food, it will eventually become tougher for them to stay alive in unnatural conditions.

Those who keep large predatory fish know how important it is to provide them live food. No matter how good typical pellets and frozen food you give them, nothing could be as useful as live food. But providing live food to a large quantity is not that simple.

The cost associated with buying live food can get ridiculous, especially if you are buying on a regular basis. So, the only way out is to breed your own live food. Since, you are already familiar with these water creatures, the procedure should not be tough.

Breeding own live food will surely save plenty of money. Moreover, the large predatory fish that you are keeping would be far healthier. Once you get a good stock of ‘feeders’, you will be no short of food.

Things Required:

– Feeder guppies
– Fake and/or real aquatic plants
– 20-gallon fish tank with tank light
– Small aquarium heater
– Aquarium gravel
– Small fish net
– Water conditioner


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    There is no need to aim for a big number at first. Set up a tank of only 20 gallons. To make the inner environment slightly natural, you should be have a lot of real or plastic plants in the tank. This will also help you save the babies form being eaten by the parents. The water should be treated in order to remove all the harmful minerals.

  • 2

    The temperature of the tank should be around 70 degrees.

  • 3

    Purchase nearly 10 dozen ‘feeder guppies’ from your local pet store. They are not expensive at all. Put all the guppies in the water tank.

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    Getting live food for your large predatory fish is a slow process. You have to be very patient to get the desired outcome. In the first three months, you will get nothing more than a few small babies. The quantity, however, will continue to increase with time.

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    Baby guppies will not be hard to catch, as they swim on top of the surface. If you have somehow missed a few babies, this could be a blessing in disguise. The young fish start breeding quickly after getting matured. So, your pool will continue to get bigger.

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