How to Breed Chinese Fighting Fish

Breeding fish can be a bit of a hobby as well as something that can be done on a professional level to make some money. It is generally not the most difficult thing in the world but requires attention and knowledge of how to breed and when to breed the fish. If done properly, it can be a profitable business and one that can be self sustaining to a good extent in the long run.

The Chinese fighting fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish can be a good option to breed as they have a great demand for the purpose of being kept in fresh water aquariums. The fish is also known as Betta, particularly in the US.

The breeding process is not very hard but you must give attention to fine details in order to be successful in your endeavours.


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    Acquire the Fish

    You will need to acquire a male and a female Chinese fighting fish. Make sure that you get ones that are healthy and it is best to get these from a reputable pet store. Keep them separately at the start. The ideal age for breeding is between three to eight months. Feed them well, mainly with food such as live brine shrimp to prepare them. The best time to breed will be when the female is fat as she is full of eggs at that time.

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    The Right Conditions

    Make sure that the conditions are right for breeding. You will need the aquarium to have water with 7 PH and make sure that when spawning the temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Reduce it to 78 when the eggs are being incubated as a temperature of 82 degrees will kill the eggs. There should be some plants at the base of the aquarium though make sure that there is no sand on the bottom.

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    Add the female Betta to the tank and after a couple of days, put a glass chimney over her so that she can swim in it. Add the male to the tank afterwards. When the male is ready to spawn, he will blow bubblenest. Once the bubblenest has been made, remove the glass chimney and the fish will mate probably in two to three days.

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    Once the eggs have been released, remove the female from that particular tank. The male will fertilise the eggs at this point. The eggs will hatch in a day or so and will hang to the bubblenest for about 36 hours. Once the newborns start swimming horizontally, remove the male from the tank.

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