How to Brew Campfire Coffee

Coffee is one of the many pleasures of life. It gives us some energy and a good feeling every time we are tired. It is generally made in the coffee makers that are powered with electricity. The coffee is made within a couple of minutes and we can have as much as we like.

If you are having a trip to the outdoors and feel like enjoying some coffee, you can very well brew it on campfire. It is slightly different from the traditional method in which coffee is made but is surely works and tastes good as well.


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    Coffee Pot

    The first thing to do is to get a camper’s coffee pot. It is available in the market and most campers have this in their camping essentials. The good ones generally have a glass dome at the top and a filter placed inside.

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    Put the filter inside the pot and place a third of the filter with ground coffee. Place the lid of the filter on it and pour water inside the coffee pot. Make sure that you pour it to the point that has been marked on the pot to get the best results.

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    In order to deal with a coffee pot that will surely become too hot to handle with hands, make a couple of hooks that can aide you in the process. You can make this from tree branches which are easily available at the camping sites. Make sure that these are strong enough to deal with coffee pot otherwise you can have coffee spread all over the place.

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    Make a small campfire for the coffee to be brewed on. Make sure that you have a stable base of wood aiding the campfire on which the coffee pot will be placed. This will be helpful in the process.

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    The glass dome will be very helpful in guiding us about the brewing process. Once the water is boiled, it will start converting a little into steam. Once the steam starts percolating in the glass dome, it will be an indication that the coffee is five minutes away from being brewed. After the time has gone by, your coffee is ready.

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    Pour and Enjoy

    Use the hooks you earlier made to remove it from the fire and also to pour it into the cups. You should enjoy some excellent coffee that is freshly made in a natural setting.