How to Build a List in Keynote

Mac has a Keynote which creates slide show presentations and also has formatting options for building sequential lists in your slides. These lists could be made manually and the slides existing content can also be formatted into it. Keynote also helps you with various styles of bullet points that include text bullets, image bullets, and numbered bullets.

Once you have chosen the category, you can access further options that comprise of size, alignment, colour and indentation which can be used. A Keynote’s text formatting tools can also be used to change the style of every list item’s text.


  • 1

    Launch Keynote

    Launch the Keynote and opt for the selection of a new presentation for the screen. You can also click open an existing file.

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    Select the slide you want to amend in the left pane

    Click on the slide that you want to edit. There will already be a text box on the slide, click on that, or on the “text box” on the toolbar to open up a new text box. Doing so will create a formatting area which is required to build the list. If you think that the text box is not the appropriate size, adjust it by dragging the resizing handles. You can drag the handles inside to make the box smaller or expand them outward to make the text box larger.

  • 3

    Get to the bullets tab

    There will be an “Inspector” option on the toolbar; clicking on that which will lead you to the formatting options. Click the “T” option in the formatting options window that appears and then click the “Bullets” option.

  • 4

    Select the bullet style

    Access the “Bullets and Numbering” drop down list by clicking on it. After that select the bullet style that you find appropriate. You have the choice of using the text bullets, numbers, tiered numbers or custom images. Advanced formatting is also available if you want to add a little more artistic touch. You can select the bullet size, colour, shape, style, image option and line spacing by clicking on the formatting options. After you are satisfied with the settings, close the formatting options.

  • 5

    Give the final touches

    Give it the final touches. Press the “Enter” option to get on to the next item on the list, this way you will also create an additional bullet point. You can continue to add the content until you are finished building the list.

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