How to Build a Skateboard Park

Skateboarding may still be struggling to earn a mainstream sport status, but its popularity is indeed growing with every passing day. With more and more people taking on the sport, there is a growing need for more skateboard parks.

If you plan on building a skateboard park to promote the sport and give skateboarders a place to hone their skills, then make sure your planning is right and you have sufficient funds to start the project and see it to completion.


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    The first thing you need to do is to decide just what kind of skateboard park you actually want to build. You will have to decide whether it should be an indoor skateboard park or an outdoor one, while of course keeping their obvious advantages and disadvantages in mind. You will also need to be clear whether you want to build a park specifically for street skaters or for vertical skateboarding crowd. The latter will require you to have lots of ramps spread across the park. You can also build a park that can cater to the needs and therefore attract both street skaters as well as vert skaters.

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    Once you are clear about the type of park you want to build, select a location for it. Building an indoor skateboard park will require you to search for warehouse-type buildings with plenty of space in them. If you have decided to build an outdoor skateboard park, you would want to select a location that has sufficient parking and is easily accessible to skateboarders. After you have made the selection, purchase the land and seek the city’s approval to build your skateboard park there.

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    After you are done purchasing the land and getting approval from the city to build, hire an experienced skateboard park designer. It will be his job to give a concrete shape to your ideas, while making a few valuable additions of his own. He can also help you with the flow of the park by suggesting where the ramps and courses should be placed.

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    Now that you and your hired help have a clear idea of the skateboard park and its design, it is time to contact and hire an architect and crew to start converting the conceptual design into reality. Again, it would be wise to go for an architect and crew who are experienced in working on skateboard parks, unless your park is the first one in your region. In such a case, go for the construction unit that you trust the most or who are reputable.

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    It will be up to you to decide which material to use to build the skateboard. Typically, concrete is used of make the floor, while the ramps are constructed of premiere wood. It would be a good idea to stick to the norm instead of experimenting.

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