How To Burglar Proof Your Doors

Burglaries have become commonplace these days all over the world. No matter how efficient the law enforcement authorities become, there will always be a new burglar who will come up with unique ideas and a new way to commit crime.

It is, therefore, crucial that people themselves are more careful. Many of burglaries are done because of the carelessness of those who get robbed. The main source of entry most often is the door that is commonly used and if it is secured properly by the residents of the house, the burglaries can come down pretty quickly.


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    Have the Right Doors

    Have doors that are made of solid wood or partially made of wood and part steel. This will help you in a big way as these doors are very difficult to break and even if someone manages to break in, it will take a lot of time and effort and will cause enough alarm for the person to not try it. Also have a peep hole so that you see who is ringing the bell or knocking at the door.

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    Lock the Doors

    Many people are careless in keeping their doors locked and this provides the burglars with an opportunity to try their hand. Some of the locks are inadequate. Make sure that you have good strong locks in place and that they lock properly. Getting a new lock may cost you more but can save you from a lot of issues.

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    Inspect Your Door

    This is a useful exercise that should be done one to two times a year. See if the door is getting loose and may come out of the wall. Also check if the locks are properly working and should not open with a jerk. Inspect if the door has been damaged internally by termites as they can eat up the door from the inside without you realising it. These inspections will help you in remaining safe.

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    Glass Door

    If you have a glass door in the house, secure it with a lock and make sure that you place a wooden stick or one made of composite materials in the designated spots so that it is not easy to open in case the lock is not working properly. The locks on the glass doors can be damaged very easily so being cautious is never a bad thing.

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