How to Change Your Name After You Get Married

Changing your name after getting married is a normal thing to do. Usually it takes little time before the whole process will be done of changing your name after marriage. However, in some cases, you will also find many troubles changing your last name but if you follow some key instructions of experts, you will be able to change your last name without any big issues. Usually girls change their last names with their spouse’s name. It takes almost six to seven weeks before you will be able to change your last name.


  • 1

    Copies of marriage certificate

    Make a few copies of your marriage certificate. Make sure that your all copies of marriage certificate must be officially certified. It will help you when you will submit the request form for changing the name.

  • 2

    Long and short term certificate

    Before even changing the name, you should obtain the marriage certificate according to your requirements. You can even get long or short term certificates. Long term marriage certificate will contain all the details of your parents, birth place and place of marriage.

  • 3

    Social Security form

    Social Security form is also important. Before marriage your government status was single but after marriage your social security information will be updated. Obtain a social security form and write all the information you are asked for. To complete this form, you will need several original documents to attach. You will need to attach your marriage certificate, identity card and lawful immigration status. After submitting the form, the Social Security Department will notify the Internal Revenue Department.

  • 4

    Updating driver’s license

    You also need to update your driving license as the information will be expired after your marriage. To change the last name, you also need to fill another form to upgrade your driver’s license.

  • 5

    Updating name with other agencies

    You should also update your personal information with all other agencies as well. From place of employment to bank and from credit card companies to insurance, you should update all the information. You should also update information with doctors, utility companies, cell phone companies, schools, student loans, alumni, different club membership and passport information.

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