How to Color Coordinate Your Clothes

Colour coordination is a quite easy process if you have a good understanding of colours. What goes well with one colour might not go well with another. Therefore, it’s essential to observe that the colours of the dress should be in perfect harmony, not to forget the shoes and other accessories. There are few simple steps through which you can figure out how to make sure that you have dressed properly in terms of colour coordination by creating the perfect match.


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    You should start with selecting simple colours that would serve as base for your entire attire. Starting off with such colours tend to minimize complicated combos as they’re a good match with almost every other colour. Black, White, Grey, Navy Blue and Brown are a few of them. These are also known as neutral colours as their pieces can serve as foundations for your wardrobe. Whether it maybe a shirt, coat, jeans or skirt, such colours can always be observed in your attire.

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    Once you’ve selected a particular neutral colour you can move on with adding further colours to your dress. The colours are those components of your wardrobe that help in describing your personality. If you wear too much black, it means that you have a dark personality. While in case of wearing too much neon would mean that you have a wearing exciting and adventurous personality, one that is always upbeat.

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    You can add a variety of vibrant colours on the top of the neutrals that you’re wearing. This can help in creating a distinct look which will make your attire appear more intriguing.

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    Accessories are always an important part of the attire you wear. Make sure that the colours you are wearing should match those of your accessories. It’s necessary to create the perfect match, because if not your dress would look to be not organized in terms of colours. And just due to the fact that you didn’t pay enough consideration regarding the accessories, your whole outfit might end up being a disaster.

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    You can also use your skin tone or your hair colour as a neutral base for choosing what to wear. Don’t forget to try on your clothes whenever you decide to buy something. It’s essential to do that because that’s how you’ll figure out that whether the colour suits on you or not, and the size being the right one for you.

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