How to Mix Floral Prints

Mixing floral prints is a new concept in the fashion world. Previously, floral prints were combined with plain combinations to avoid an over-do effect. However, today, nothing is over done as long as it looks good on you.  Gone are the days when floral blouses were worn with neutral colored pants and neutral shirts accompanied floral skirts. Floral mix has become one of the most popular choices on both the runway and the streets. Mixing floral prints brings the colors of the garden to your outfit and you yourself look no different from a blossoming flower. The freshness that the mix brings stands unbeaten especially when day light events. Getting the right floral mix asks for nothing more than knowing what looks good on your own self.


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    Contrast the base of the flower print. If you are wearing two clothing floral piece, contrast their base color to make an impact. Most floral patterns come in base colors of black, white and blue. The colors that you select should be in harmony with each other and can be of complimentary shades. However, you can also go for a contrast shade to experiment and break the monotony. If you are contrasting base colors, keep the print size the same.

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    Alternate the sizes to avoid looking too flowery. If you are wearing a top with large flowers, opt for tights, pants or skirt with small flowers. This will reduce the monotony of the appearance and the small flowers will blend to form a base color from the distance.

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    A rule to remember while mixing floral prints is to use same fabric material for all pieces. Do not combine silk with cotton at any cost. This hampers the flow, cut and outlook of the outfit and fails to impress. Always combine cottons with cottons and silk with silk.

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    To differentiate between two floral prints, get neutral color accessories like belts. Belts break up the flow and differentiate between the two floral prints that you are wearing. Collars, cardigans and blazers also do the same job. Floral prints give you a great leverage in choosing accessories because they use a number of colors. So you can wear accessories of any color in them. However, if you are wearing a floral dress, a simple clutch bag can make a bigger statement than a floral one.

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