How to Control Your Actions and Be a Good Person

At a certain point in life, one has to grasp what does being good actually means. Many people find it hard to answer this question or whether they are good as a person or not, as there are a lot of definitions and nuances to it.

People more often than not think that they are doing everything right and stay content based on their own evaluation. You are however only deemed as a good person when others start loving and respecting you for the deeds you undertake. That can only happen when you make them feel comfortable around you. Sometimes we feel that being independent individuals gives us the right to do whatever we like. This however is not true, because every action we take does, in one way or another, affects the lives of people around us.

It is therefore paramount for us as individuals to control our emotions, and subsequently the actions which follow. True, it is easier said than done, but not something which is a rocket science. It is just the matter of channelizing your thoughts and training your mind.


  • 1

    Identify your routine

    If you wish to bring a change within, the first thing is to make a chart of your daily routine. Note down what you do regularly, people you meet, things you eat and several other actions which somehow affect others.

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    Control your anger

    One of the most important factors is to manage your anger. There is no need to lose temper on petty issues, as it is not good for your own health as well.

  • 3

    Quit smoking and drinking

    You can definitely become a better individual, if you say no to drinking and smoking. These habits, especially the former, are not good for your health and don’t allow you to stay under control, if you overuse them.

  • 4

    Be honest to yourself

    If you have hurt someone or done something wrong, admit your mistake. Only then can you be in a position to do things right.

  • 5

    Don’t listen to loud music

    If there are people around you, don’t listen to loud music, as you might be disturbing someone.

  • 6

    Stop ignoring people who care for you

    Sometimes we hurt others by simply ignoring them. Quit doing this and you will definitely be a better person than ever before.

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