How to Cook Turkey Necks

Turkey is one of the finest and richest meat sources. Turkey necks are especially delectable and what fun it is to pick up the meat from the neck bone. The necks can be cooked separately to make a tasty treat. You have to work on the turkey necks, picking on the meat which is good for people trying to lose weight. If you have got your hands on turkey necks, do not miss the opportunity and get the pot simmering. You can make them in a collection with rice or even pasta. However, the best flavour comes out when you simply boil them with spices and vegetables to get both the meat and the delicious stock to infuse their taste.

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 2 hours
Total time: 2 hours and 20 min
Yield: 4 servings
Utensils: Cooking pot, mixing bowl, serving dish

Turkey neck:10 -15
Salt and pepper (preferably freshly ground pepper)
Onion, sliced: 1 large
Green bell pepper, chopped: 1 large
Lemons or 6 oz. bottle of real lemon juice: 2 large
Cayenne pepper: 1/2 oz.
Whole onions cut in 1/4s1 stalk of celery: 2 medium
Corn cobs: 12 small
Cloves of garlic: 3-6


  • 1

    Clean the turkey necks thoroughly. Cut off the fat residues. Now put them in a pot that is twice as large in volume of them. Fill the pot with water to a level of one inch higher than the turkey necks. Add salt and freshly ground pepper and turn on the heat to high.

  • 2

    While the necks are boiling, prepare the vegetables. Let the turkey necks cook for ninety minutes. Now add in the vegetables and spices. Mix in everything. Now cook for another twenty minutes.

  • 3

    Turn off the burner and let the necks simmer for another fifteen minutes. This will soften them up and enhance the flavour. You can let the necks to simmer if you want a dry gravy with concentrated flavours. Use a fork to judge the softness of the necks. If they break easily or the meat comes off easily, they are ready to be served. Take off the necks in a serving dish. Serve with a sauce to make it a complete feast.

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