How to Correct a Hook Or Slice in Golf

Getting the basics right in every game holds paramount importance. The situation is no different when it comes to golf. In order to be able to be successful, one has to have strong basics and the ability to correct small errors that creep into the game every now and again.

Slice and hook are two of the most common mistakes that take place in the drive. Correcting the two is not very hard and takes a bit of effort. It is totally worthwhile as it improves your game greatly and you can perform better.


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    Have a Balanced Stance

    You need to have a balanced stance in order to avoid both hook and slice. Slice is more common of the two problems and in order to correct it, most people over compensate and drag the ball the other way. Ideally have the right posture when swinging and you should not be falling over. Driving the ball off balance often results in a slice.

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    Bring Driver from a Round Angle

    Bring down the driver in a round motion which will help in avoiding the slice. Make sure that you do not have it too round as it will cause a hook. Have a nice fluent motion with a balanced approach to the ball to get the right drive in.

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    Don’t Close the Face of the Driver

    Often in order to correct the slice in the driver, people start turning the face of the driver’s head a little too much. It is imperative that this is avoided or done in moderation so that the hook is very slightly and only enough to keep the ball into the fairway. Try to bring the driver’s head down straight and that will help you in hitting straight.

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    Practice with a Pro

    Practice with a professional player and seek his or her advice on how you can improve your swing and control the two drive related issues. Tips from a professional can go a long way to help you in improving your game in general.

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    Use Better Balls

    Recently some companies have come up with balls that are easier to control with better dimples on them. The idea is to have a back spin rather than a side spin. As a result, every time the balls starts drifting to one side, the back spin caused by the dimples stops that motion and helps it in moving straight.

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