How To Create Tousled Waves

Gone are the days when sleek and straight hairdos were considered the epitome of style – nowadays, the tousled “bed head” look is in. While tousled waves might make one appear as if they just got out of bed, it’s actually a carefully crafted look that requires a fair amount of time and practice before you manage to get it just right.

Things Required:

– Volumising spray
– Hair dryer
– Hair brush
– Hairspray
– Curling iron
– Smoothing solution


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    Start working on your tousled waves the moment you step out of the shower, as you will need clean, wet hair to begin with. The first step is to amp up the volume – for this purpose, start by using a volumising spray all over your hair, and then proceed to blow dry your hair. The aim is to create texture here, and you can help the process along by, e.g., turning your head upside-down and directing the blow dryer towards the roots. Do not straighten your hair or brush it out yet.

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    Next, brush your hair out, but only after it is completely dry. This is key, as the hair will not be able to hold the tousled waves if there is even the slightest bit of dampness left behind. Brush through, and part it as and where you want.

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    Then, pick up your bottle of hairspray, and start grabbing one-inch sections of hair, spraying them, and then holding them from the ends and twisting them until the whole strand is tightly twisted.

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    Once you’ve twisted all your hair using the hairspray, pick up your curling iron, and set it to the lowest possible setting. Do not open up the clamp of the curling iron – rather, one by one, proceed to wrap the twisted sections of hair around the barrel of the iron, hold them for five to ten seconds, then release them. This will set the twists and give them an added element of bounce.

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    By now, your hair should be transformed into tousled waves that are a bit unruly. If you like them that way, leave them be, but if you want a tamer look, wait for the hair to cool, then use a smoothing solution to slightly comb through your hair with your fingers, and tame any flyaways. Your trendy tousled waves are now ready.

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