Top 10 Common Hair Problems

Hair problems are a norm for many of us. Problems with scalp, hair growth and health are a major concern since our hair form an important part of our personality. They add to our attractiveness and overall look. However, chemical exposure, pollution, weak body health and external weather elements have an adverse effect on our hair health and we are left with thinning, dry, brittle and weak hair. Read on to find out these problems and devise ways to keep yourself free of them.


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    Thinning hair:

    The hair start thinning as you grow old. This also happens in some diseases. The number of hair lessens and so does their thickness.

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  • 2

    Weak hair:

    Weak hair roots lead to thin strands that break at the slightest touch and do not have any volume.


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    Hair breakage

    Hair breakage is yet another sad story. It is such a waste to see strands of hair breaking off each day while brushing.

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    Split ends:

    This problem is particularly serious in women who have longer hair than men. The hair roots are unable to support the growth and the ends split into many branches. Split ends not only ruin your hair cut but also lead to weaker and thinner hair. The only effective solution so far is trimming the split ends.

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  • 5


    Hair without life and bounce are limp and do not have any volume. This is particularly for people with straight hair.

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    Dandruff is a common hair problem. Dry flakes settle on the scalp and ruin the appearance of your hair. In extreme cases of dandruff, it even starts accumulating on your collars and becomes prominent especially if you are wearing black.

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  • 7

    Frizzy hair:

    These type of hair would not settle down no matter what you do. They ruin all your dreams of elegant hair styling. Stubborn and wild, they are a mess to deal with in the mornings while combing. This problem is particularly common in curly hair.

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  • 8


    All of us want hair which give off a natural shine. Very few lucky ones have that. Most have dull hair that lack lustre and does not have a gleam.

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  • 9

    Grey hair:

    Grey hair is typically linked with increasing age. However, this is a problem which occur at any age. Hair can start greying due to chemical exposure, hormonal changes and due to heredity factors.

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  • 10

    Unwanted hair growth:

    Hair growth at places like the face for women is undesirable. It poses a big problem when there is abnormal growth on areas where you do not want any.

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