How to Deal With Office Bullies

It does not matter how strict the office rules are, you will always find a few people that will not miss a chance to bully their colleagues. Undoubtedly, some people never grow up or take a lot of time to mature and they keep pressing people that are around them. If you or any of your colleagues is facing this issue, then you must not take the matter into your own hands and deal with it professionally. There are numerous ways in which you can handle the situation but first you must keep control over your temper and do not do anything rash.


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    Keep record of all bullying attempts

    If this has started from day one, you must keep a detailed record of all the bullying activities. It is strongly advised that you should mention the date and time in your records. It is up to you, if you want to note down the full detail of the incident or you just want to list down the main points. Do not forget to mention the name of the person who did the actual bullying.

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    Contact your HR department

    If the bullying has not stopped and it has become hard for you to tolerate, you must contact the human resource department. At first, you should try to approach the HR manager informally and discuss the matter with him/her. It is possible that he or she will try to talk sense into that person and it will not happen again. Nevertheless, if it does not stop, then you must take your notes to the manager and lodge a formal complaint.

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    Discuss with other colleagues

    You can always talk to a trusted colleague about the matter as he/she might be able to help you out. Not to mention, the more people that have had a bad experience with a particular bully can definitely help your case when you come forward.

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    Talk to the bully

    You should also consider talking to the bully privately. Do not get hyper but ask him/her to meet you somewhere quiet. You should consider talking to the person in a humble manner and request him/her to stop his/her activities.

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    Do not lose your temper

    It is import that you should not lose your temper and try to keep as calm as possible. Losing your temper will only make things worse and you could possibly get fired.

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