How to Decorate a Tiki Bar for a Party

Decorating a tiki bar for a party will give you freedom to enjoy your leisure time with extra thrill. A tiki bar is often a place where you go and enjoy different types of alcoholic drinks. From rum to mixed drinks and from zombie cocktails to cultural drinks, you will find all types of beverages in this type of bar. It is important as to where you want to throw a tiki bar party. Usually it is on an exotic tropical place but you can throw a tiki bar party wherever you feel like it.


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    Decorating tiki bar

    There are many different ways to decorate a tiki bar but something which really adds up the thrill in any bar is a tiki totem pole. It is basically a Hawaiian ornament and will give your bar a unique outlook. Many other bars unlike tiki bars also use this type of pole and enhance the beauty of their facilities. You can buy a totem pole and can install it in your yard. Not only in the yard, but you can also install it inside the bar and see what a difference it makes to your tiki bar party. You can also carve your own pole if you are artistic enough to do so. You can even get help from the internet and from other sources as well. The materials can range from a totem pole out of balsa or a totem pole made of wood or a paper mache. You should also pick some totem glasses to serve drinks in them. These are easily available in the market and you can buy different styles.

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    Lighting is also a very important factor when you decorate a tiki bar. People around the world like the light of fire. You can light a fire inside or outside the bar. Usually you should put dim lights in the bar. Be careful when having an open flame in your tiki bar party as you should observe all safety precautions.

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    Bamboo is also a classic tiki bar specialty as it will give a very good impression about the whole party. You can put bamboo inside and outside the bar as well.

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    A thatched roof will also give a good look to a traditional tiki bar. It is very important that you should match the colour as well.

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