How to Delete the Calendar on an iPhone

Using an iPhone to keep up to date with what’s happening around you has become a popular trend these days. An iPhone is efficient, smart, excellent, effective and very good looking but sometimes it can be as troublesome as a 20 year television.

While mobile phones are mainly used to receive and sent calls, smart phones including the iPhone can also help its user access the Internet and access up to date calendar. Accessing email on Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo on iPhone as easy as the device comes with a built in Mail Application installed in it. The device also has a pre-installed calendar application.

All one needs to do is activate the email account and start accessing the inbox. Typically, the iPhone uses 3G or W-Fi to connect to the internet, where you find the messages in email inbox. Sometimes, any overlap of information may occur if you have multiple calendars set up on different email accounts including Gmail and Hotmail. To ensure there is no overlapping, you must delete the sync from one of the calendars. This will help you deleting the old calendar information from other folders in your smart phone.


  • 1

    Turn on the device

    Firstly, you need to charge up your iPhone’s battery as deleting emails in bulk usually uses up a lot of battery time. Then consider turn the device on to ensure it is running. Place your finder to slide the bar on the screen to ensure the device is unlocked. Once the device is turned on completely, it is now time to go to the main menu.

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    Enter the Calendars category

    Find the settings icon on the main menu and click on it. Tap on the Mail>Contacts> Calendars and enter the account that contains all the calendar information.

  • 3

    Switch off the application

    Move your finger to the switch that reads OFF.

  • 4

    Delete overlapping information

    Select “Delete from my iPhone” button and the overlapping information will be removed.

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    Removing email in bulk

    Tap your finger on Mail icon to enter your email inbox. The process will bring the contest of the email on the screen.

    Now place your finger on the left hand side at the bottom of the screen and choose the option that will let you move to emails from one folder to the other.

    Now from the drop down list, select the Trash folder to move all emails from your inbox to this folder. Repeat this step for every email you want to delete from your inbox.

    At the top of iPhone email window, you should be able to find a button that says Mailboxes, which takes you to a listing of the various email accounts. Enter the listing called Trash on it. Tap on the Edit button and a button saying “Delete All” will pop up. Tap on this button and all emails in your account will be deleted.

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