How to Ditch Annoying People at Social Events

People often face the problem of facing annoying people at social events and if you want to know the ways through which you can avoid them, this post will prove to be very helpful. Some people find it difficult to get rid of the annoying people and return home with a bad experience. One obviously does not attend the social events to add up to his/her worst nights ever but to interact with new people and make connections. However, it is also very important that if you want to ditch an annoying person, you should never cross the line and do it in a proper way.

You surely do not want to ruin your image; therefore you should be polite and never get aggressive. Most of us have suffered from this situation, be it a party or a meeting. There are a couple of reasons why we would want to ditch a person who is interested in interacting with us. The reasons for avoiding someone may include, you simply do not like him, he is presenting you lame ideas, he has a bad breath or he is just trying to be unnecessarily frank.


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    If you are stuck with a person at a party, an easy way to get rid of him is by asking your friends for a favour. If the person do not gives you some space, you can stare at your friends, signalling that get you out of this situation.

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    Another way to seek help from friends and telling them that you are in trouble is by blinking both eyes. If you are talking to a person you really do not want to stick anymore, you should look at your colleagues, friends or anyone who can rescue you and blink both of your eyes.

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    The most common and easy way where you would not have to rely on anyone else is to tell the person that you need to go to the bathroom. It can help you in both cases whether you do not want to rely on someone or you don’t have someone to ask for help. You should tell the person that you are going to bathroom and will catch up later.

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    Another way is by telling them that you have to do something important for the moment and you will meet him again after a couple of minutes.

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