How to Do the Spoon Bending Trick

The human mind is truly amazing and capable of doing many wonderful things, but one needs to understand that it also has certain limitations. You cannot light something on fire by just thinking about it, or bend a strong, metal object such as a spoon simply by intently staring at it. The possibility of performing the latter action, in particular, has attracted a lot of attention and interest over the years. It was even featured in the popular Hollywood film The Matrix. Criss Angel, a popular American magician and illusionist, also made many believe that the feat is very much possible.

There is no point in trying to bend a spoon with your mind because it is impossible to do that, irrespective of what you have been told or believe. However, you can still shock and amaze your friends by performing the spoon bending trick.

Things Required:

– Spoon
– Hacksaw


  • 1

    Prepare a spoon for the trick by making some alterations to it. Use a hacksaw to cut through its neck. Be sure to leave a thin strip of metal intact so that the head of the spoon remains attached to the handle. Shake it a little to ensure that your alterations are not too evident.

  • 2

    While sitting with your friends, take the spoon out of your pocket and announce that you are going to bend it using nothing but the power of your mind. They will naturally think that you have gone crazy and start teasing you. Do not worry about it because in the end, it will be you who will have the last laugh while they will be standing there stunned.

  • 3

    If you continue to look confident despite all the teasing, your friends will suspect something fishy and ask you to prove that you are not using an altered spoon. Prove it to them by hitting it on a hard surface such as a table. This is precisely why you left a thin strip of metal intact while cutting through the spoon’s neck.

  • 4

    Once you have convinced them that the spoon is intact, hold it in your hands in such a way that the handle is pointing down, while your thumbs are pressed right against the spoon’s head.

  • 5

    Start staring at the spoon intently. Keep doing that for a few seconds before applying light pressure to the back of its head. Make sure you do not apply too much force, as that may cause the spoon to snap.

  • 6

    Enjoy the bewildered expressions on the faces of all those who watched you do the impossible.

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