How to Draw Tattoo Designs

If you want to scare someone in a different way, perhaps one good for doing so is make a tattoo sign on any part of the body and show it to that person you are trying to scare. It may sound weird but the truth is that drawing tattoos on different parts of the body is becoming a trend in many parts of the world. The tattoo signs are drawn on hands, arms, legs, chest, belly and the back. There are certain institutes that provide special training in making the tattoo signs. However, one can draw these tattoo signs on our walls as a part of room decoration quite easily by just knowing a few important things.

Things Required:

Tracing paper
Fine sharp markers
Desired tattoo design
Sharp cutter or blade
Permanent marker


  • 1

    First of all find the image over the web you want to have in the tattoo and get a print out of that image according to the intended size of the tattoo.

  • 2

    After getting the print out of the tattoo, place the image on a plane surface and figure out the size of your wall or space where you want to draw the tattoo. This will confirm whether or not the tattoo will fit in the desired area.

  • 3

    Place the tracing paper over the image that you have chosen for the tattoo and trace it onto the tracing paper with the help of a finely sharpen marker.

  • 4

    With the help of a fine blade, start cutting the tracing paper in such a way that it becomes a stencil. Fix the paper on the wall or anywhere you want to paste it by using paper tape.

  • 5

    Pick up the permanent marker and start moving through the spaces you have made in the tracing paper on the wall. As you will remove the tracing paper from the wall, the tattoo will be found imprinted.

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