How to Dress Up for Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, girls find themselves in a situation when they do not how to dress up for their boyfriend. Should they look sexy or dress up elegantly? How can a girl keep the spark alive?

Well, a simple answer is just “be yourself” but to attract a man is not an easy thing and you will have to do more than just simple dressing. You will have to reveal and conceal at the same time as it will make him want to know more.

You do not need to be an expert as some simple dressing techniques can work for you.


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    Know your figure:

    First of all, stand in front of the mirror and know your figure and body shape. This will really help you to decide a dress for the date. You must choose a dress that goes with your image. For instance, you cannot wear long gowns/ frocks if you are of an average height. Similarly, you should not wear a tight dress if you have a full figure.

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    Dress according to the situation:

    You must dress according to the event and place otherwise you will lose your charisma. You must understand that there are times when bright and trendy outfits are appropriate but sometimes they seem showy.

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    Be a lady:

    Remember, you do not need to dress provocatively to attract your boyfriend. Be a lady as men have seen enough and now hardly few get attracted towards the ladies wearing revealing clothes. Similarly, you should pick colours wisely and they should compliment your persona.

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    Do not try to pretend:

    Remember, he fell in love with “You” so do not try to pretend and dress up like someone else. Do not try to wear an outfit even of his choice as this proves that you have a weak personality and do not have your own imagination.

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    Buy useful items:

    Do not spend foolishly rather buy some quality products. It is better to have one designer dress rather than having many worthless cloaks. You can save money by purchasing neutral outfits like dark coloured jeans, a simple white shirt, a black cocktail dress etc.

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    Do not underestimate the importance of accessories as they can cover some imperfections but also make you more attractive. Buy some decent glasses, trendy belts, bangles or bracelets. Similarly, you should take care of your makeup and hair style etc.

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    Imagine his reaction, you took off a perfect dress and there are some unsightly undergarments. Pick some sexy, appealing and revealing undergarments to spice things up.

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