How to Email a Cover Letter to a Recruiter

Writing a cover letter is an essential step when you apply for a job. You usually attach a cover letter with your CV (curriculum vitae), telling the employer why you are applying for the job, and how useful you are to your potential employer.

When it comes to sending your credentials and CV through an email, it becomes even more important that you attach your cover letter in a way that it is easily accessible and seen by the employer. Most emails sent by prospective employees are a mess, and they leave the reader confused rather enlightened. Some employees will send their cover letters along with the CVin the same document, which is the worst thing you can possibly do.

Emails are a good way to communicate and sending cover letters attached with CVs have never been this easy. When back in the days, it used to get a bit too tiring to send the documents through post.


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    Read the job posting

    Go through the job posting carefully, and try to design your letter accordingly. Send the letter to the email address that the message has mentioned. If there is an email address mentioned, do not send your documents to one through which the job vacancy was received.

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    Write the cover letter on MS Word

    Always use Microsoft Word documents when preparing your cover letter. Writing the letter on notepad or wordpad will make a bad impression.

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    Always read the letter twice or thrice to make sure there are no  grammatical errors or typos. You can match the details in the letter with those in the CV. A cover letter with too many typos and grammatical mistakes is not going to leave a good impression on your potential employer, as he may think that you cannot even spare your future employer enough time to pay attention to what you have written in that letter.

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    Attach the letter

    It is time to attach the letter to the email you will send to the employer. Log on to your email address and attach the cover letter first, then the CV. Do not attach the CV first, as it is the letter that will help the employer know about you.

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    Copy-paste the letter in the email

    It is not just enough to attach the cover letter. You should also copy-paste the entire letter on the email text body as well. Empty email with just two attachments will not help, as it often gets confusing.

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    Write subject

    Write what this email is being sent for in the subject box. After you have attached the letter and copy-pasted it on your email text body, write the subject. The subject box is right below the email box (in which your write the recipient’s email address). It is wise to mention the position you are applying for.

    For instance, you can write: For the post of _________.

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