How to Estimate Classic Car Values

Exact definition of classic car varies from country to country. The Classic Car Club of America defines that a car older than 20 to 40 years falls in the category of classic car. However, cars older than that period fall in the category of vintage cars.

Estimating the value of a classic car is a tricky task, as several aspects have to be determined while estimating the value of that specific car. In addition, location also plays a major role in determining the value of a car.

In order to estimate classic car values, one must keep few things in his/her mind to determine the perfect or close to perfect value of that car.


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    Before selling or buying a specific classic car, research that how many similar cars have been purchased or sold in your area. For that matter, one must talk to professional car dealers and ask about the price of the similar cars. In addition, one can also go through car magazines to see which classic car is currently in demand and what its price is.

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    If you are interested in selling or buying the classic car, you must determine the car’s condition. Either the cars are rated excellent, very good, good, fair or as a parts car. One must make sure that the car he/she is inspecting falls in which category, as it will play an important part in determining the value of the car. The better the condition, the more the value, and the worse the condition, the more it is going to be devalued.

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    Customisation in classic car is not recommended, as it makes it to lose value. Buyers usually want the classic car to be in the original condition. If you are a buyer, then inspect properly the classic car you are going to purchase that whether it is in its original condition or any customisation has been done.

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    The last but not the least, the classic car’s rarity is the most important factor that determine the value of that specific vehicle. Research whether that car is available easily or it is a rare commodity. Furthermore, also check how many of that type of cars were manufactured at its launching, and how many of them are now left.

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