Ways To Find a School for Political Economy

Political economy is the study of relationship between economy and politics. It is a very broad subject in which we study that how the politics of a country is affected by its economy and vice versa. It maps out the pattern of production, distribution and consumption of the goods and services in a country and their relationship with the law and the government.

Even though it is quite a difficult subject to study, however, it has huge significance as it plays an important role in the determination of factors which are crucial for economic development of a country. There are many approaches to study political economy. Although, the main focus of the subject is on economics and politics, but, it can also be applied on other disciplines.

Political Economy can provide significant help in studying history in the light of politics and economy. Besides, it is widely used in the social sciences to study the socio-economic development of the mankind. In addition, IPE (International Political Economy) is the study of the political economy in terms of trade and policies of international markets. Besides, it also studies the policies of the country regarding the society economy and the political income.


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    Hampden-Sydney College was established as a centre for the study of Political Economy. It was founded to provide education to deserving students. It offers special classes for the undergraduates and grants scholarships. Furthermore, it arranges public lectures to provide knowledge to the students about the role of government in the country.

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    Florida State University offers political economy programme for the undergraduate students under the College of Social Sciences. It is called as SPEFE (Study of Political Economy and Free Enterprise) and provides valuable recommendations to develop a proficient political infrastructure to shape a stable economy.

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    CSPE (Centre for the Study of Political Economy) founded by the University of Manchester also provide education in the field of political science. It will be important to mention that CSPE also has a research facility which helps in highlighting the important issues of the economy.

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    DIPE (Study of Democracy, Institutions and Political Economy) in Duke University also arranges conferences and lectures from its own department of political sciences.

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